Mesh Networking

The Hype SDK automatically creates mesh networks with nearby devices with any available resources, such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and others. Mesh networks make the internet optional, giving out-of-sight deliverability!

icon__check Enhanced range
icon__check Deliverability
icon__check Hybrid


Interoperability is hard because developers need to learn different frameworks and work around the quirks of integrating them together. The Hype SDK is the fastest and simplest alternative to making wide varieties of platforms work together.

icon__check Seamless integration
icon__check Easy to use
icon__check Cross-platform


The Hype SDK uses end-to-end encryption, guaranteeing that intermediary devices do not read or tamper with the data. All contents is properly secured, even when hoping on other devices!

icon__check Highly customizable
icon__check Easy to use
icon__check Built-in security

All Features.

We’re constantly improving the Hype SDK to ensure you have everything you possibly need. You can analyse these topics in technical detail in our documentation.

No single point of failure

Wireless Internet relies on a router. If the router fails, internet is gone. With Hype’s connectivity, there's not one single point failure.

icon__check More reliable
icon__check More efficient
icon__check High availability


Hype uses end-to-end encryption, guaranteeing that intermediary devices do not read or tamper with the data.

icon__check Exchanges certificates
icon__check Includes authentication

Battery Efficiency

Hype introduces the concept of policies, enabling developers to choose what Hype should optimize for.

icon__check Calculate energy costs
icon__check Based on your needs

Progress Tracking

While sending content, it is commonly desirable to track how much of the data has been delivered and when Hype provides that option.

icon__check Better usability
icon__check Optional

Mesh Networking

Hype automatically creates mesh networks with nearby devices with any available resources. This includes Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

icon__check Hybrid
icon__check Scalable
icon__check Supports high demand

Network Offloading

Hype is able of offloading the existing infrasctructure by redirecting traffic, guaranteeing connectivity in events with high counts of people.

icon__check Redirects traffic
icon__check Cheaper infrastructure


A small amount of data that can be used to exchange usernames, or even tiny profile pictures for identification purposes. They’re not encrypted.

icon__check Reduces network overhead
icon__check 255 bytes of data

Network Segregation

With Hype devices running different apps can still cooperate on the same network. No need to worry about mismatching protocols.

icon__check No unintentional exchanges
icon__check Ensures app cooperation


Hype intelligently fragments data into segments and simultaneously sends them through different paths and channels on the network.

icon__check Ensured deliverability
icon__check Save time
icon__check Reduce costs

Easy Integration

Get your project started in seconds, and make your app's connection near indestructible in a few minutes. All it takes is to drag and drop the SDK into your favorite IDE and a few lines of code.

icon__check Start fast

Internet Reachability

Even if devices are not physically enabled or are out of range, Hype can still make the internet reachable for devices that don’t have it.

icon__check Connectivity options
icon__check Peer-to-peer


From mobile to desktop, Hype is the fastest and simplest alternative to making a wide variety of platforms work together.

icon__check iOS
icon__check Android
icon__check Windows
icon__check OSX
icon__check Linux


The most common scenario for communication is unicast. Delivering messages from one device to another. One sender and one receiver.

icon__check Minimal configuration
icon__check User familiarity


When you need to reach as many devices as possible Hype offers communication form one sender to all other connected receivers.

icon__check Good support
icon__check Supports high demand


Sometimes messages need to be sent to several destinations at the same time. This can be used for social situations such as group chats.

icon__check Improves bandwith savings
icon__check Minimize traffic

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The Hype SDK creates peer-to-peer secure mesh networks between nearby devices, even without Internet.