SDK for connectivity
even without Internet

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Here's how the Hype SDK is already being used

Sharing & Collaboration

Using Hype’s SDK, TopDox creates peer-to-peer mesh networks between nearby users. Anyone in the network can work simultaneously on the same documents even without internet.

Automatic encryption provides network security, and multiplexing allows for speeds faster than common proximity technologies.

Social Networking

Built for events, ezConferences shows attendees who’s nearby, automatically and in the background. Users can connect with anyone. It makes no difference what device or operating system they are using.

Attendees don’t need the internet to connect, which lifts the strain on the venue’s internet connection, no matter the size of the event.

Chat, even Offline

With the Hype SDK you can take your app’s chat to another level, in a matter of minutes. Your users will be able to send text, photos, videos, push-to-talk and files, with or without an internet connection.

Mesh networks work one to one or one-to-many and over great distances, always with power efficiency taken into consideration. Transmitting data over the mesh requires less battery than using 4G or 3G.

See it in Action!

Check our offline messaging demos on GitHub!



Mesh Networking

Hype automatically creates mesh networks with nearby devices with any available resources. For most this includes Bluetooth (classic/LE) and wi-fi (direct/local). Mesh networks make the internet optional, giving out-of-sight deliverability!


From mobile (iOS, Android, Windows) to desktop (OSX, Windows 10, Linux), all your devices are able to connect. With Hype, proximity connectivity is cross-platform.


Hype intelligently fragments data into segments and simultaneously sends them through different paths on the network and different transport channels, making connections faster, more secure and ensuring deliverability.


Every piece of data is securely encrypted and guarded from eavesdropping or capture, even when hopping between other Hype devices.

Easy Integration

Get your project started in seconds, and make your app's connection near indestructible in a few minutes. All it takes is to drag and drop the SDK into your favorite IDE and a few lines of code.

Cloud Integration & Network Offloading

Hype automatically manages connectivity between local mesh and cloud communications, managing demand for network data and allowing connectivity even in crowded areas or places with coverage gaps.

The Hype SDK

This is the only code you need to have your app up and running after downloading the Hype SDK!

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