SDK for connectivity
even without Internet

The Hype SDK creates peer-to-peer mesh networks
between nearby devices, even without Internet

Can you imagine a world
connected without Internet?

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Mesh networking

The Hype SDK creates mesh networks with nearby devices, using resources such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Mesh networks make the Internet optional, giving out-of-sight deliverability!

icon/20x20/verified--blue Better range
icon/20x20/verified--blue More reliable
icon/20x20/verified--blue Improved deliverability


The Hype SDK is the fastest and simplest alternative to making a wide variety of platforms work together. The SDK is available for mobile, desktop, and even IoT!

icon/20x20/verified--blue Cross-platform
icon/20x20/verified--blue Easy to use
icon/20x20/verified--blue Seamless integration


The Hype SDK implements built-in security features in several ways, including user authentication, end-to-end encryption, network segregation, and much more!

icon/20x20/verified--blue Built-in security
icon/20x20/verified--blue Easy to use
icon/20x20/verified--blue Highly customizable

An endless amount
of possibilities

Give wings to your creativity. There are no
limits to what can be done with Hype.


Social Networking

Empowering social proximity

Proximal connectivity enables all new kinds of social experiences. With Hype, users can connect, communicate, share, and play, even when an Internet connection is not available.


Media & Sharing

Sharing anything, anytime, anywhere

Sharing files, pictures, videos, and music, has never been easier. With Hype’s cross-platform abilities, it’s now possible to seamlessly share any type of media between devices created by different manufacturers.


Internet of Things

Affordably connecting all things

A mind-blowing diversity of IoT devices makes connecting them a hard and expensive task. Hype reduces both the complexity and costs of IoT connectivity by creating local networks of devices with cloud access, reducing the infrastructure to a fraction of the cost.

Explore all use cases

Take a look at a lot more applications you can make using HypeLabs’ SDK

Created for developers

Get the most out of the Hype SDK with little effort. Quickly integrate the techonology in your project, explore the comprehensive API, and get it ready to go with as little as 20 lines of code!

Very few lines of code

This is the only code you need to have your app up and running after downloading the Hype SDK!

icon/20x20/verified--blue 20 lines of code

Great documentation

An extensive documentation will help you getting started!

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- (void)requestHypeToStart
   [HYP start];
- (void)hypeDidFindInstance:(HYPInstance *)instance
   [HYP resolveInstance:instance];
- (void)hypeDidResolveInstance:(HYPInstance *)instance
   NSData * data = [@"Hello World" dataUsingEncoding:NSUTF8StringEncoding];
   [HYP sendData:data

Easy Integration

Get your project started in seconds and your app’s connection near indestructible. All it takes is to drag and drop the SDK into your favorite IDE and a few lines of code

icon/20x20/verified--blue Little to no refactoring
icon/20x20/verified--blue Drag and drop

No single point of failure

Existing infrastructure is rendered useless when down or out of range. Hype uses mesh networks to eliminate the single point of failure, making it more resilient and reliable!

icon/20x20/verified--blue More reliable
icon/20x20/verified--blue More resilient
icon/20x20/verified--blue High availability

Network offloading

The Hype SDK offloads existing infrastructure, by redirecting traffic to less congested access points and keeping part of that traffic off the grid, improving connectivity while saving money.

icon/20x20/verified--blue Cheaper infrastructure
icon/20x20/verified--blue Better connectivity
icon/20x20/verified--blue Higher throughput

Are you ready to
build something great?

The Hype SDK creates peer-to-peer secure mesh networks between nearby devices, even without Internet.