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Common questions

Here’s what you need to know about Hype, based
on the questions we get asked the most.

What’s a monthly active device (MaD)?

A monthly active device, or MaD, is Hype’s basic unit of measurement. We identify them as the number of devices that, within a calendar month, used the Hype SDK.

When does the billing happen?

The Hype SDK is a post pay as you go product, meaning that by the end of the billing period we will bill you for your usage. The billing period is defined as a full calendar month, and the billing itself happens from 1 to 3 days after the end of such month.

After I pass the free number of MaD, for how many will you bill me?

The first 10,000 MaD are always free, meaning that when you reach 10,001 MaD you will only be paying for 1 MaD. However, if you haven’t added any credit card to your account and if there isn’t any other way of billing you, the Hype SDK will stop issuing more certificates, meaning the following devices will not be able to benefit from Hype’s SDK technology.

Can I cancel my account at anytime?

Yes. When you cancel your account the Hype SDK will remain enabled for your devices during the remaining month, you will be billed for that remaining month, and will stop working afterwards.

Do you support non-profit organizations?

Yes! Non-profits around the world use the Hype SDK for their own solutions. Contact us directly if you’re a non-profit wishing to use the Hype SDK.

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The Hype SDK creates peer-to-peer secure mesh networks between nearby devices, even without Internet.